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How to add memory to my PC

Learn how to add memory to your pc. If you need to find what type of memory
your computer needs use the† Crucial Memory Advisor Tool.

Learning how to add memory to my PC was not that difficult. There was lots of
information on the internet. Hereís a look at the most important steps.

Choosing the Right Kind of RAM

The manual that came with my system provided that information. But there are several
handy tools on the internet that you can use in case you lost your manual or you bought
your system second hand.

Most systems today use DDR, DDR2 or DDR3. The letters and numbers indicate the
systemís memory-transfer speed. But the highest speed may not be compatible with your
motherboard. My current system uses DDR2.

Become Familiar with the Motherboard

If you have never looked inside your computerís tower or case, thatís really the first
step. Even before you order some RAM, you need to find out how much more your
motherboard will take. If sheís full, you would have to invest in a new board, which is
not something I would attempt.

The motherboard provides the electrical connections through which everything in your
system communicates. In Apple computers, it is known as the ďlogic boardĒ. I donít
own an Apple. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

When I was learning how to add memory to my PC, I looked carefully at each of the
connectors, sockets and slots on the motherboard. The manual that came with my
computer provided information concerning which slots were used for RAM.

Like most new computers, mine had several slots for RAM chips. What you want
to look for is an empty slot or two. That will tell you how many chips to order.

Order & Install the Chips

Once you receive your order, check to make sure that the chips look like the ones you
already have in your motherboard. When I was learning how to add memory to my PC, I
was lucky. My order was correct the first time. Some people arenít so lucky.

The chips should snap right into the empty slots. Thatís the easiest part of the
whole process. Depending on your operating system, it may be the final step.

All of the latest Windows operating systems will automatically notice that the new chip is
there and start to use it. Iím told that Apple computers have this capability too.

You can order memory for your pc using the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool, it will
tell you exactly what memory you need for your computer.

Ask for Help

You should be able to learn how to add memory to my PC without a problem. If you need help,
call the manufacturerís help line or check out one of the online forums. It should be easy
to find a solution.