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Firefox 4 update is available

We have been waiting on Firefox 4 to be released and now it is available to the public. It’s got a new facelift a several new features and a new polished and streamlined interface. Here are a few good tips for using Firefox 4.

Pin app tabs. These little gizmos make shortcuts to websites that you commonly leave open as multiple tabs. For us multitaskers out there this is a must use new feature. Just right click a tab and select Pin as App Tab. This will help you stay a little more organized and keep you from overloading the browser with so many unneeded tabs open and just have them permanently stuck at the top of the browser for easy access.

Tell websites I do not want to be tracked.

This is a new feature that many people will enjoy no doubt. The do not track option is something that many users have been wanting for some time and with increasing privacy concerns these day it is nice to have an option to easily tell websites that I do not want to be tracked. This will avoid them placing any cookies on your pc to track your usage across the website.

Right click on the back page button to go to a page in your recent history for that tab.  This is a very commonly used feature and many people have had trouble figuring out how to use it in Firefox 4.

I have been using Firefox for about 3 years and have come to prefer it over other browsers.  Now this is not until I am able to customize it fully and install plugins that i find helpful and necessary.

Overall we absolutely love Firefox 4 and fully endorse it to all PC91 1 users.