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Regcure review

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Regcure Gets a 4 out of 5 Stars Rating Regcure ReviewRegcure ReviewRegcure ReviewRegcure Review

RegCure is a very easy to use computer cleanup and repair utility. It is produced by PareToLogic Inc. The program has been well put together with an easy to use interface. You can select which entries to scan your registry for as well as choose which entries to correct and which not to correct. This gives you added protection so you can remove entries from the fix list before needed entries are removed. This is easily done by reviewing the entries and simply selecting the ignore button next to the entry.

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The settings aspect enables you to implement preventative measures and insure if you experience an issue after using the product you can fully reverse the changes. This interface can invoke a system restore point, the ignore list can be used to add entries that will not be altered and a scheduling feature so scans can be set to run during off hours.

The backup selection can be used to create as well as restore a backup of your registry. This can be used even if system restore internal to Windows cannot revert to an earlier state. The backup entries are stored chronologically which makes it easy to browse and locate your last backup file for restoration purposes.

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RegCure has added an extra feature to help you maintain your system performance. This utility is listed under the startup utilities. I know this is a feature internal to windows as well but with this added feature you wont have to use run commands or registry editing to enable or disable startup items.

In all I am impressed with the interface and functionality of the program. I as well was pleasantly surprised to learn it worked with my new Windows Vista operating system.

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Regcure is a well rounded and comprehensive registry cleaner and pc repair utility. If you have ever realized the frustrations of having a very slow computer or having to wait forever for simple things to load then you need to try Regcure.
It cleans uninstall entries, shared and corrupt dlls and many other common pc ailments.

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Regcure review article

We recently posted a new review of regcure, a popular computer repair tool. This regcure review is extensive and a good read so I thought I would post a link to it on the blog here for you folks to read.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer or if it’s just a little slower than it should be then read our new review here. Let us know what you think in the comment section below or drop us an email.

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