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Reimage Repair Review

This Reimage repair review is here to help you understand the software and what it does. Sometimes one of your computers may get some malware or virus that damages your Windows software. This can easily cause all kinds of problems with your computer from running really slow, crashing, freezing up and just not working right.

Reimage can help, we put together this review to help people who are wondering if it is safe and effective.  I have personally used Reimage Repair to fix several of my own computers and many of my relatives computers.

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2018 Reimage Update

Reimage Repair has been around for a few years and the software is continually updated.  The newest version is available now for 2018 and has become one of the leading pc repair tools online.

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Reimage Repair Review

Reimage Plus

Reimage can replace damaged Windows files. This is the only tool that we know of that does this for you and Reimage does it well. There are a few bad reviews online where people think the software should just be totally free but it will require you to purchase a license key if you want it to repair your computer.

Companies that offer software completely free tend to be without updates so they get stale and useless very quickly. If you want software that is constantly updated over time you will have to pay for it somehow to enable people to spend man hours creating and updating software.

Reimage Has Helped Me

Reimage has helped me save a handful of computers over the years. I can’t count the number of times I have used it on my Grandma and my Aunt’s computer.  They tend to get malware and the occasional virus and once there is a persistent Windows error it is hard to get rid of them without using Reimage Repair tool.

My grandmother’s PC was infected with some worm that I could not seem to figure out how to remove.  Finally as a last ditch effort I installed Reimage and it recognized the worm, removed it, and repaired the Windows files that the worm had destroyed. This saved me from having to reinstall Windows.

What Versions of Windows Does Reimage Repair?

Reimage works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit versions). We have tested it on all of these versions of Windows for this Reimage repair review.

How Does Reimage Work?

The short 6 minute video above will explain how Reimage works and what it does to repair your computer.

The ordinary computer user usually won’t spend too much worrying over PC repair. But that can change very fast once a computer starts having problems with windows or some of the installed software.

Faced with all kinds of errors and blue screens and non-functional software, the user starts wondering about the fastest solution.

‘Next’ can be one of many options. Tech savvy users may want to try and sort it out themselves, by trying to identify the problem, and rectifying it or reinstalling something. Others may simply call the company and have them send over someone to take a look at it. Either way, it’s going to cost – time or money.

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Alternatives to Reimage PC Repair

Another solution is to use windows repair tools. These tools don’t just focus on solving the specific problem at hand, but also fix any and all problems on the computer. While the benefits are quite apparent, it might be worth going over it. Unlike calling the computer shop every time there’s a problem, a windows repair tool carries only a one-time cost.

Read this article if you need to cleanup a MAC computer.

Since the tool heals all existing software/file related problems, the user does not have to know a lot about computers to use it. Nor does it take a lot of time or effort. In short, even Bill Gates would agree that this would be a handy tool to help fix Windows and PC software problems.

Way it works is that the company that created the tool has an online database of recurring PC problems and the associated files. So when a computer gets cranky, all the user has to do is run the tool. It goes through the entire hard disk, and any broken or problematic files it finds are replaced with clean ones from the company’s database.

The usability of this PC repair tool can be extended to other aspects too, such as PC security (it can act as an anti-virus and clean up infected files). It can also act as a PC optimizer, and remove junk files and unwanted entries to speed up the computer.

The tool can also be used as a registry cleaner to delete problematic entries and restore the registry to a previous clean condition.

In the world of PC software and tools, all of this is fairly common. What’s surprising is that one tool can do all this. The most powerful use of this tool is to fix problems with windows.

It can replace or delete any corrupt and/or unwanted files, registry entries, etc and this means that the OS doesn’t have to be reinstalled. This alone can save users a whole lot of time and money.

Easily and effectively repair any windows computer with Reimage. Download Now

We hope you have received value from our Reimage Repair Review.


Reimage repair

Reimage repair

Reimage is a different kind of repair software.  It actually goes through your computer and looks for Windows files that are corrupt or even missing.  Then it replaces these files as needed, without touching your information.

After running Reimage your compuer will feel like it is brand new and basically has a fresh installation of Windows but all of your data and programs are still there.  It’s just your PC restored to a like new state by using the reimage repair tool.

Using Reimage repair

Using Reimage repair is as easy as it could possibly be.  Just install Reimage repair software and follow the commands shown. It is made so that you don’t have to be a computer technician to use it.  Using reimage will take about an hour or so to repair your PC.

Download Reimage Here

Is Reimage repair easy to use?

Absolutely.  As you know, we don’t recommend products here at PC911 unless they are highly beneficial. This program has helped fix over 1 Million computers worldwide and works with all versions of Windows.

We have even recommended it to our mailing list of thousands of computer users and received literally dozens of really positive feedback.  Reimage really does repair your computer instead of just cleaning your registry like so many other so called repair tools.  This is the only tool I know of that actually replaces missing and corrupt Windows files.  I easily fixed my aunt’s computer when a virus took it over.  We managed to run reimage and it took over and removed the virus, replaced the Windows files that the virus had damaged and after it was finished the computer worked like brand new.  This is the program you have been looking for to repair any windows problems without having to reinstall.

Download Reimage Here

I have used it to fix my workstation PC twice over the course of 2 years and it saved me from having to reinstall Windows.  Normally this workstation gets so much beta version software installed on it that it needs to be reformatted every 6 months or so.  Now instead of reinstalling Windows you can just run Reimage repair and let it do its magic.