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Windows 10 Store Cache Has Been Damaged

Windows 10 is cool and the new Windows Store is truly a step into the future but some people have reported having trouble with an error that says “Windows Store Cache Has Been Damaged”.

The new marketplace designed my Microsoft is called The Windows Store. If you are having a similar problem here are a couple of resources that will help you fix the problem.

Reset The Windows Store Cache

This is pretty easy to do and may get you fixed up. Just open the System32 folder and look for the WSReset.exe file. Right click on that file and click the Run as Administrator option.

Reset the Windows Store

This is not too complicated so just follow along slowly. †Open the System32 folder and find the WSReset.exe file. Then right click it and select Run as Administrator.

This will reset The Windows Store without changing your settings or apps. The Store will automatically open when the reset is finished and you will be able to use it normally afterwards.