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Software to overclock cpu

There are programs available to allow to you overclock your cpu.  If you are wanting to overclock your cpu then you must be wanting your computer to run faster than it is now without having to upgrade your hardware.  There are risks to overclocking your cpu.

There are a few dangers to doing this but some people are able to do it without destroying too much.  If you would rather have a safer way to speed up your computer I suggest you try running a program such as Reimage or PC Registry Cleaner to try to squeeze as much speed as possible out of your computer before your overclock the cpu.

Using software to overclock your cpu.

If you are very familiar with computers and coding then this will be fairly easy.  However if you are not a skilled computer user we highly suggest you run automated software like this instead.

Overclocking Software

Clockgen has a set of programs built in for overlclocking.  Please read all the documentation before using this complex and possibly harmful software if not used correctly.

SetFSB is another very easy way to overclock your cpu. It allows you to change the frequency of the FSB straight from Windows and it works with several different brands of motherboards and only requires that you know the PLL that the board uses.

If you don’t know what any of that means please stick to running either Reimage or PC Registry Cleaner, the links are in the 2nd paragraph of this article.

A PLL or Phase Locked Loop, is the chip that is on your motherboard that creates the frequencies needed for the different components.  One tip when adjusting these is to make very small changes at a time and note any differences in performance.  It is common for a computer to freeze up if you make radical or large changes to the frequencies.

Once more I want to stress to you the danger in using software to overclock cpu.  The increased speed will not be terribly noticeable and you could easily screw up your computer.  Obviously overclocking your cpu would also void your warranty.

If you would like some detailed instructions on how to actually overclock your cpu I suggest you head over to the overclock forums and do some research.  Best of luck to you!