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8 easy ways to speed up your computer

8 easy ways to speed up your computer

This quick list of 8 ways to speed up your computer below is not a full and complete list of optimization techniques.  They are just some of the easiest and fastest ways to gain speed from your computer. There are many more and please feel free to leave a comment below with your suggestions.

Speed up your computer

1. Run normal computer maintenance programs such as chkdisk, defrag, and disk cleanup.

2. Go to www.windowsupdate.com and make sure you have applied all of the latest patches for your version of Windows.  This is an important step to helping speed up your computer.

3. Set your paging files to 1 and 1/2 times the amount of RAM you have installed.  Right click on my computer, then click properties, then click on the advanced tab and select the performance settings, then pick the advanced tab to modify your virtual memory size.

4. Go to add/remove programs and uninstall programs that are not used anymore or will never be used.  This will free up space on your computer and allow it to run as fast as possible.

5. Clean your cookies and temporary internet files.  You can download Ccleaner to do this for you at www.ccleaner.com

6. Turn off any services that are running on your pc that are needed.  You can go to your control panel and select administrative tools, then services to adjust them.  Make a note of the default settings and only change one thing at a time and then reboot in case you need that service to operate Windows.

7. Update your drivers. You can update your drivers one at a time for each piece of hardware you have installed.  This can take some time or you can just install a program like PC Updater at www.pcupdater.com and let it update your drivers for you.

8. Stop programs from running on startup that you do not need.  You can adjust programs that startup by default by going to Start/run and type msconfig and then goto the startup tab.

There are many other tweaks and tips to help you speed up your computer.  Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

Software to speed up your computer

If you follow these quick and easy steps you will find it is really fairly easy to speed up your computer.