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Technology…Updates…Vista… PHEW!

With the way technology evolves and changes is it ever conceivable that we will catch up?

Just when we think we are catching up someone releases a new version of an operating system or new and improved hardware. Upgrading your operating system often consists of upgrading your component hardware as well. This is very costly to the consumer.

As I do, you may exclaim the same….AGAIN?

With the new release of Vista we once again learn that the majority of us must upgrade our current hardware configuration in order for the new operating system to meet the minimum system requirements. I have an idea….why can’t manufacturers make their components and software more compatible? Well here is the answer: Technology based manufacturers make more money by requiring users to upgrade components or software when migrating to a new version. Yes It’s that simple. It’s nice to always have them looking out for you isn’t it?

I’m not saying these companies do not have a right to make a buck , but wouldn’t it be nice if they could just patch software or upgrade hardware drivers or firmware so we aren’t constantly having to spend our hard earned money? I can assure that isn’t going to happen.

Our best defense when we purchase a new computer is to research a little and see what the software we use requires as a minimum. As well you might research to see what upgrades are going to be made available and check the components against any new versions that will be released. I know………buying the best or fastest hardware can be way more expensive. In the long run proceeding this way can save a little money and the big headache of upgrading and transferring all of your data to a new system.

Always ask questions when selecting a new computer or software title. You may even want to purchase a subscription to technology based magazine. These magazines can be very helpful by guiding your choices with the informative articles about new technologies.

I intended this article for the purposes of maybe taking back just a little of that hard earned from technology manufacturers. Remember…….keep yourself informed.


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