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Top 10 suggestions for old computer hardware

Having worked in support for sometime I am amazed at the number of old 486 an first generation Pentium class computers still being used. Most people simply upgrade to new hardware. It is beyond me why people still use this old obsolete hardware.

Considering all of this I have compiled a list of the top ten ways this old hardware can be used.

10. Stack the cpus up to be used as a coffee table.

9. The old hardware is wonderfully suitable for taking space in your garage.

8. Donate the old hardware to a museum.

7. This hardware is great for occupying your local computer shops time by asking how it can be upgraded.

6. The CPU’s are great for holding projects down on a work bench.

5. Use a baseball bat on the old hardware to take out your frustrations with your new computer.

4. If you have a dog that diggs holes they are great as filler when covering the holes.

3. They are great conversation pieces for discussing the old days of computer hardware.

2. Several of them together can make a cool fort for the kids in their room.

Finally the last one, drum roll please!

1. Use your old 486 or Pentium class as a replacement boat anchor.

Just remember this old hardware is not upgradeable to current software standards. Don’t trouble yourself with figuring out how you can maintain these older components.

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Phil says

LOL…..now thats funny!

Susan says

Right now Im running 3 computers on my home network and one of them is really on the fritz. Ive run plenty of virus and spyware scans but nothing seems to be working. I even went so far as to back everything up and then format the hard drive. Ive opened up the tower several times to check for hardware problems and until earlier this afternoon I was unable to find any problems. Listening closely though today I could hear some clicking within the CRU. Im savvy enough to fix 95% of the problems that I see on computers but this one has got me scratching my head. I may just go out to the store and pick up a new one but installing them is always such a pain.

Lonnie Royal says

Might I suggest you remove the wires that are touching your processor cooling fan? Good luck.

chouhan says

Lonnie is correct i also suggest you the same

SheilaMae@PromptITServices says

Seeking professional help would be a great idea for pc problems as well.

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