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Top 10 ways to prevent Identity Theft

Heres a list of the top 10 ways to prevent identity theft.

The list is not in order of importance. All of these suggestions will help ensure that thieves cannot access your
personal information.

1. Dont give out your social security number.

Depending on your age, you may remember a time when drivers licenses in some states
bore social security numbers and many people included the identification numbers on
their checks. Businesses often required the number in order to cash a check or accept one
as payment. This is a big step for you to help prevent identity theft.

That was one of the ways that thieves were able to steal peoples identities.
Unless it is a requirement, as it would be for filling out an application for credit, dont
give your social security number to anyone.

2. Request a copy of your credit report on an annual basis.

You can get reports from the three major credit bureaus for free every year. If you notice
an application for credit that you didnt make or a new account that you didnt open, you
have been a victim. See #10 of the top 10 ways to prevent identity theft.

3. Dont ignore it when bills seem to be missing.

One of the ways that thieves gain access to your personal information is to steal your
mail. The more information they have about you, the easier it is for them to become
you, at least on paper. Act immediately if something seems to be missing, particularly a
credit card or bank statement. See suggestion #10.

4. Buy a small safe or lock box.

This is an especially good idea for anyone that has roommates or a housekeeper. We
want to trust these people, but its still not a good idea to leave passports, social security
cards or other important documents lying around. A small safe or even a locking box is
enough to deter most people.

5. Purchase a shredder.

You can shred all of your bank statements, cancelled checks and credit card statements
or even all of your mail once its been read. Dumpster diving is another way that people
steal personal info.

6. Dont give out your account numbers, addresses or other personal information over the phone.

If you receive an unexpected call from your bank or credit card company, call them back.
One of the scams used by con-men recently was to call up a banks customer, pretend to
be working for the bank and ask them to verify their personal information. If you get a
call like this, call the number on your bank or credit card statement. If its a scam, the
company will be alerted.

7. Safeguard your computer(s).

You need to make sure you have anti virus, antispyware and anti identity theft software on your pc.

8. Ignore internet links in emails.

Even if the link appears to be from someone you know, dont click on it. G-mail and
some of the better systems will now show you the actual email address if you hover over
the one you see. If you have some good virus protection software, you dont have to
worry about this one. You can prevent identity theft by not falling into the phishing schemes.

9. Dont ignore letters concerning purchases you did not make.

Some people get notices from companies concerning purchases they did not make.
Instead of calling the company to try and correct the situation, they shrug and ignore it.

When you get a call or a letter like that, you have already been a victim, but its not too

10. Notify the correct authorities immediately if you suspect you have been a victim of
identity theft.

The first step is to put a fraud alert on all of your credit reports. That will prevent
anyone from trying to use your identity to get credit.

Second, call the company that opened the account without your approval. Follow up with
a written letter advising the company that you will not be responsible for any charges
made on the account.

Third, file a police report. This is a way of proving to creditors that you have been a

Fourth, report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission. This helps other people and
police officers with their investigations.Fifth, keep copies of all letters sent and document every phone call that you make. The more evidence you have, the more convincing your case will be to the creditors,
investigators and credit bureaus.

If we are going to prevent identity theft on any kind of large scale we need to make it harder for these thieves to steal our identity. If you have ever had someone use your credit without permission then you know firsthand the importance for us to prevent identity theft.

Print a copy of these top 10 ways to prevent identity theft and keep it somewhere safe. Its easy to forget one of the steps.

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Sara says

Excellent tips! Thanks a bunch

Jeff says

Another good idea is to make sure never to let anyone write down your credit card information anywhere. I have had my card information stolen and used for fraud purchases shortly after a trusted vendor wrote down the card info for the order at a trade show.

Seven says

[…] This post from PC 911 is an easy to read beginner’s guide to preventing identity theft. The lessons are presented in a “top ten” list format, so you can easily condense this information into a form your kids will understand, or just have them read it on their own. Topics covered include not following links from emails, and not giving out details like social security numbers. It is a simple introduction the basic principles of online safety. […]

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules says

[…] These internet safety rules can really help you protect yourself online. Another great post we have made to help you protect yourself is our Top 10 ways to prevent Identity Theft. […]

Vince says

Thanks for all the tips! They are very easy to follow. I can not stress how important it is nowadays to protect personal information. A lot of evil con-men out there are waiting like predators to get there hands on your cc info! Scary.

Will says

Great post! I’m glad I chance upon this goldmine of a blog. The tips and suggestions you share are just superb! We must protect ourselves from identity theft, I have heard a lot of horrible stories from people who have been a victim of it so I make it a point that my information are safe.

Mike says

Awesome list! I was a victim of identity theft and had to go thru a lot of stress because of it. I was not aware up until I got a collection notice for a debt I was not aware of. I hope this won’t happen to someone else.

Art says

Thanks for all the suggestions! I can’t reiterate the importance of tip number 7: Safeguard your computers! There are a lot of free software out there that promise benefits but you end up getting trojan as well. It would be best to get your downloads from reputable sources as well.

Chris says

I can not stress the importance of protecting ourselves from identity thieves. Believe me, they are everywhere and the internet had actually made it a lot easier for them to steal information. The good thing is we have a lot of ways to keep them at bay, these tips are good suggestions that we can follow.

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