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Top 10 ways to speed up your computer

The list below describes the top ten ways you can speed up your computer through either general maintenance or hardware upgrades. I tried to list some things other than just the obvious ones most places always list.  Now there are of course many more.

10. Check your initial hardware for possible memory, CPU, or hard drive upgrades.

9. Insure your paging files is set to one and a half times the size of the amount of ram installed. If you are using 2 gig or more of ram memory simply turn off the paging file. (To review your paging file right click my computer and choose properties -then choose the advanced tab – Then select the performance settings-slect the advanced tab and modify the virtual memory file size)

8. Run monthly system maintenance such as disk cleanup, disk check, or disk defrag.

7. Clean out your temporary internet files and cookies. (To do this open Internet Explorer and choose the tools menu- Select options- on the main page you can emty the temp files and delete the cookies.)

6. Empty the c:windowsprefetch folder.

5. Scan your system weekly for spyware.

4. Delete any unused programs by using the add/remove programs utility.

3. Groom your Windows start up file by using the msconfig utility. (This can be done by going to startRun and typing msconfig then select ok and choose the start up tab)

2. Update your device drivers. If you are using an OEM computer simply visit the manufacturers website for updated software and drivers. If using a custom built computer you will need to visit the hardware manufacturers support site one device at a time to obtain the latest software.

1. Turn off unnecessary services in the services manager.(To access this control panel go to control paneladministrative toolsservices)

This little tid bit should allow you to boost your PC performance somewhat. The major improvements will come with hardware upgrades especially increases in system memory (RAM).

Feel free to leave me some of your ideas below in the comments section.



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Jamie says

I upgraded my pc with 1 gigabyte more of memory and it really helped alot.

Phil says

This was extremely helpful. My system is faster than it was. I will be looking into possible hardware upgrades as well.

Andrew says

Cleaning the Prefetch folder is a Myth and will REDUCE performance:

admin says

Hi Andrew
That is a great resource you have made there. I have heard debates on both sides of the prefetch debate and will certainly investigate it more now.

Thanks a lot!

Devang Desai says

Thanks for the article. It really helped me improve my pc’s performance to some extent. Keep it up.

Arron says

As to the prefetch debate this is the opinion of a Microsoft Developer.

To paraphrase:
“XP systems have a Prefetch directory underneath the windows root directory, full of .pf files — these are lists of pages to load. The file names are generated from hashing the EXE to load — whenever you load the EXE, we hash, see if there’s a matching (exename)-(hash).pf file in the prefetch directory, and if so we load those pages. (If it doesn’t exist, we track what pages it loads, create that file, and pick a handful of them to save to it.) So, first off, it is a bad idea to periodically clean out that folder as some tech sites suggest. For one thing, XP will just re-create that data anyways; secondly, it trims the files anyways if there’s ever more than 128 of them so that it doesn’t needlessly consume space. So not only is deleting the directory totally unnecessary, but you’re also putting a temporary dent in your PC’s performance.”



commander says

it helps me to speed up my computer.it is unbelievable.now i start a business in my area .i get money by doing this.

Krazy says

Which came first? I’ve got a feeling this PC911 blog entry

Supercharger says

[…] Perform regular maintenance: Stay on top of updates, disk and hardware health, and cleanup so that you won’t have to worry about constant slowdowns. […]

name says


name says


name says

Good day!,

Anji says

Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ I used the tips you gave in this article to clean up my mother’s computer and it is running so much better. Its an older machine, but enough for her to keep in touch with friends and family via email, so if I can keep it going by maintaining it a little she is happy. Thanks again.

memograde says

Thanks for the info. A lot of good tips in that list. I think it could be a good idea to elaborate on what services to disable and what not to disable. Also, I have used pc bug doctor and liked it.

Top Registry Cleaner says

I am a advocate of registry cleaners. It pays to use one whether it is free or paid. The paid might get you a better performance, but the free ones also work pretty well. I think a lot of sluggishness has to do with the registry especially if you have enough ram and have run a anti-virus program and a spyware program and they found nothing.

brunlea says

thanks you for this useful guid and since i found out about this site…i think i have made my computer a bit faster than it was…and still finding out about more info on yours site…

Stephen says

Good Job

car jacks says

It’s the first time I commented here and I must say you give us genuine, and quality information! Good job.

p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

A Weber says

thanks for this, I genuinely enjoy hearing your views.

Mary says

Usually I don’t post on sites, but I want to say that this article very persuaded me to do so! very good post.

Robert says

There is obviously a great deal to study about this topic. I think you made some good points.

Andres Rn says

You appear to know a great deal about this ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Registry Cleaner says

This list is cool to fine-tune a computer manually. Having said that, one needs to be very careful especially when editing the Windows registry. Sometimes, better not touch something that’s working “fine”.

Bernadette says

Intriguing. You make a superb thought.

Barbara says

Outstanding blog, thank you for sharing your views

Kelly Wright says

I agree with most said except for registry cleanups. It’s risky. Tackling the Windows registry requires knowledge in the first place, and each and every piece of software that deals with registry should be used for very specific tasks. A registry cleaner is NOT a cure that fixes problems and makes system fast. I’ve seen too many people who destroyed their computers by running registry cleaners.

cogizz says

Thank you this is an excellent post.

someone says

Clean up registry errors is the best way to make your computer quicker… get a registry cleaner people… they really help.

drofeel says

You can also remove some programs running on your pc startup

Paul H says

Thank you for this. # 9 helped big time. I had no idea about the paging file setting.

Jill says

Any idea when this was posted?

admin says

Hi Jill
This was posted about a year ago, still very relevant though. It can help you speed up your computer quite a bit.

Keron says

Slow problem is a common event for Windows user.

“No matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they’re new, they all seem to get slower over time.” Microsoft claimed that on their technical forum(Windows 7 forum).

In fact, Windows built-in a lot of services and startup item start with system. So if you want a faster computer, you need to disable some of them first.

Any problems? Welcome to discuss with me! Enjoy it !

Keron Chew
——- A Computer Technication.

PC Booster says

All these things are good for make your PC faster but the registry is also a part of our PC. It contain many type of key of every action which we do on PC, So if you see your PC run slow so clean your window registry also with better registry cleaner software for fast speed PC.

computer says

computer is a working great now thanks!

Carey Teamer says

I have found myself trying to find a way to speed up my computer for quite some time! Hopefully this helps!

computertricks says

Excellent.! This is certainly precisely what I seem to have been hunting for. Exactly how long did it take to write this ? Thanks a bucket load for this fantastic information!!

Speed Up My PC says

Like PC Booster said above, cleaning your pc’s registery is a very important inregards to your computer performance.

Thanks for speeding up my pc says

Thanks a bunch for helping me speed up my pc

New York City Computer Consulting says

Great tips for speeding up a computer. This will be useful for a lot of people with very little computer knowledge.

Delicious says

[…] Top 10 ways to speed up your computer | PC911 Blog […]

booster son pc says

Very nice tricks!

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