Speed up your windows xp computer Video #1

Speed up your windows xp computer Video #1

Click Play button above, if you have trouble hearing or seeing the commands read the written transcript of this video is below

Windows XP tuneup video #1, today we are going to go over a few processes to optimize your windows xp operating system. To start this process click your start button and then select run. In the box that appears type the letters cmd 

Then select OK, once the dos prompt is up we are going to run a utility called checkdisk. To start this you need to type in this exact command below

chkdsk c: /f /r /x

Then select enter, you will be asked if you want to run this process the next time you run your computer. Simply type Y for yes and then restart your computer.

This process will take you approximately 30 minutes to an hour depending on how large your hard drive is.

Ready to watch video #2, first you need to bookmark this page so you can come back here after restarting your computer. You can start watching the 2nd video by clicking here.


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