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Turning off Hibernation in Vista

We all know what a hassle it can be when your computer enters hibernation mode. Many times you can experience blue screens when you attempt to launch your PC from hibernation mode. This is really a pain if you had unsaved data.

áWith the release of Vista they have removed the ability from the power options control panel to disable hibernation mode. No where in the control panel will you find an option to disable hibernation mode. It is so nice of Microsoft to remove theáabilityto disable this featureáconsidering all the past problems it has caused

Don’t worry though…..there is a simple way to turn off this feature.

Instructions for disabling Hibernation mode:

1. Press the WINDOWS key and type cmd into the Start Search box butáDO NOTápress ENTER

2. Right-click on cmd in the Programs listá when it appears and select Run As Administrator

3. Click Continue when the UAC prompt appears

4. Type powercfg -h off and press ENTER

You have now disabled Hibernation mode in Vista. You should not experience any of the annoying errors normally experienced from this mode activating. Happy computing!

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Deborah says

If I click on Disk Cleanup and check the hibernation files box will this not do the same thing? It says I will free up 2.93kb of space.

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