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Welcome to the PC911 Beta section. If you are so inclined, you can help developers refine their programs for the benefit of the entire computing community. This is especially so for items listed here, as this section is devoted entirely to freeware. The software you see listed here, whether developed by PC911 or others, will be, as far as we know, free for the world to use once the development cycle is complete.

Having said that, there are a few things you should know about using beta software on your computer. By nature, beta software requires refinement. This means that you will most likely encounter problems with these programs. Some features may not work at all, others may be buggy or slow. At worst, and this is possible, the software could crash your computer causing you to lose data. You might even have to reformat your hard drive and install your operating system and all your programs.

Consequently, please be advised that PC911 is not, and will not be held responsible for damage, loss or inconvenience you may suffer as a result of using any software, macros, scripts, batch files or any other binary files posted here. Use this software at your own risk.

Some of the scripts available in this section require the IE4 shell desktop update in order to function as intended. By default this feature is part of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 as well as Windows ME. Please note that even if you are using Windows 95 or NT4 without the desktop update, these scripts should not cause harm, they will just display an error message and then quit. If you find one of our scripts useful, please check back from time to time as we will update them as we develop ways to improve their functionality and reliability.

Please read the directions carefully, print them out if need be. The staff here at PC911 appreciates your efforts and we look forward to your input. Please take a few minutes to post your experiences to the PC Q&A Computer Forum.

Use a Personal Firewall to Protect Your Computer
If you do not yet use personal firewall software you might want to consider ZoneAlarm. It’s the best.

A New Freeware Browser Worth A Look
K-Meleon is a light web browser based on Gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine.

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