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A Listing Of Relevant Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles

The following list of very helpful articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base deal with common Windows 98 problems.

Tip: Even though this list is very long, you can still find what you are looking for very easily. Just hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up your browser’s Find dialog. Type in a keyword and your browser will find it if it’s on this page.

Last updated 4/23/2000

How to Enable Universal Serial Bus (USB) Support (Q258773)

Fourth and Fifth Mouse Buttons Not Recognized by Windows (Q254660)

How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems (Q238096)

Windows 98 Display Frequently Asked Questions

Windows 98 Multimedia Troubleshooting Page

Problems Joining Games Using Internet Connection Sharing

Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows 95/98 (Q128345)

Common Questions About the FAT32 File System (Q253774)

Troubleshooting Windows Update Connection and Download Problems (Q193657)

How to Use Fdisk and Format to Partition/Repartition a Hard Disk (Q255867)

Err Msg: Scrscan Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module… (Q254815)

1394 Host Controller Driver Does Not Retry Busy Devices Properly (Q252183)

Explanation of User Interface (UI) Skins (Q253739)

How to Change the Default Folder Icons in Windows Explorer (Q253689)

How to Choose Your Own Extension Saving a WordPad Document (Q253688)

Definition and Description of a Pixel (Q253680)

How to Move the Taskbar from Its Default Position (Q253679)

Description and Explanation of a Cabinet File (Q253676)

Description of Device Drivers (Q253671)

No Network Adapter Listed When Using Internet Connection Sharing (Q253373)

Err Msg: Cannot Find the File ‘Dcomcnfg’ (Q253311)

How to Prevent “Shortcut to” Prefix from Being Added (Q253212)

Windows May Not Shut Down or Restart When Msdos98.exe Is Running (Q253098)

Error Message: Fatal Error Problem Using UI Skins (Q252900)

Fatal Exception in Openhci.sys When Devices Connected to USB (Q250523)

Network Provider Prompts for Logon Credentials Unexpectedly (Q247805)

Hibernate Mode Causes Problems in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q245180)

PS/2 Port Appears to Be Disabled on ThinkPad Computer (Q209097)

Problems Using Banyan Vines 32-Bit Client with VPN (Q204642)

Computer Stops Responding When You Play Very Large .wav Files (Q203795)

How to Delete the Recent List of Network Connections (Q252978)

Unable to Create a New Web Folder (Q252617)

Windows Help Does Not Open from the Start Menu (Q252612)

Fatal Exception Error When Attempting to Connect to the Internet (Q252523)

Fatal Exception OE Has Occurred in VXD mrtRate (01) When Printing (Q252414)

Run-Time Error Message When You Start WordPad (Q252380)

Cannot View Files Other Than Bitmaps in Microsoft Paint (Q251351)

Cannot Start Phone Dialer from the Outlook(r) Express Address Book (Q251266)

Changes Made by Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement (Q251022)

You Are Unable to Start a Program with a .exe File Extension (Q250931)

How to Reinstall Microsoft Windows 98 (Q250928)

Music Match Jukebox May Not Work When Opening Two .wma Files (Q250034)

CAPS LOCK Key on at Startup with Universal Serial Bus Keyboard (Q247853)

How to Configure a Peer Network (Q250927)

Your Computer May Have Problems When Resuming from Standby Mode (Q250830)

Error Message: SU991010: Setup Was Unable to Continue (Q250683)

Description of TCP/IP Registry Entries in the NetTrans Subkey (Q250663)

Description of TCP/IP Entries in MSTCP\ServiceProvider Subkey (Q250662)

Insufficient Disk Space Error Message During Backup to a File (Q250651)

Description of Phone Message Record and Playback Registry Keys (Q250650)

Description of the Modem Settings Key in the Windows Registry (Q250649)

Description of the Modem Responses Key in the Registry (Q250648)

Description of the Modem Init Key in the Windows 98/95 Registry (Q250647)

Description of the HKEY_DYN_DATA Registry Key in Windows 98/95 (Q250568)

Description of the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG Registry Key in Windows 9 (Q250565)

Plug and Play Components in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\Bios Subkey (Q250534)

Description of Subkeys Contained in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum (Q250530)

Err Msg: One or More of the Characters You Typed in this… (Q250449)

Description of Typical Services Registry Keys Under HKLM (Q250448)

Description of Typical Control Subkeys of the HKLM Registry Key (Q250447)

Install Option Is Missing on Shortcut Menu (Q250430)

Description of the Registry Files in Windows 98/95 (Q250410)

Description of HKEY Registry Keys in Windows 98/95 (Q250409)

Description of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Registry Branch Subkeys (Q250405)

Description of HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Subkeys (Q250404)

Mandatory User Profiles Do Not Work on Local Computer (Q250323)

Windows Update Web Page Is Displayed in Wrong Language (Q250288)

Multiple Recycle Bin Icons in Windows 95 and Windows 98 (Q249882)

Error Message: Hardware Error. DriHwp32.dll Not Found or Damaged (Q249880)

Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages (Q249873)

Winipcfg/Ipconfig Incorrectly Display Adapter DHCP Information (Q249814)

USB Driver Uses the Largest Supported Report Size (Q249635)

Problems Starting Browser with Damaged Go!Zilla Installation (Q249248)

Sounds May Be Disabled Using PlaySound API with USB HID Devices (Q249146)

ICS Does Not Route IP Packets with Mismatched Static IP Address (Q248238)

Volume Control Disabled After Rebalance, Refresh, or Hot Dock (Q247398)

Unable to Play MIDI Device After Rebalance, Refresh, or Hot Dock (Q247396)

Err Msg: MSTSC Caused a General Protection Fault in Gdi.exe (Q246219)

“UG CHECK Error in VIP” Error Message Obtaining a DHCP Lease (Q242962)

Creating a View of a File May Leak Pages of Memory (Q242161)

Invalid Page Fault When Opening Control Panel (Q237826)

Err: “Unable to Communicate with the Device…” When Printing (Q247753)

Troubleshooting Settings for File System Properties Described (Q247485)

No Volume in Yamaha YSTMS55D USB Speakers in Windows 98 SE (Q247385)

Tools Included with the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit (Q247024)

Blue Screen Error Message When Shutting Down/Restarting Windows (Q246880)

Microsoft NetWare Client Will Not Be Enhanced (Q246754)

Notification Problem with Windows 98 Second Edition and MSN 5.0 (Q246569)

FDISK May Not Work When IDE Controller Is Rebalanced (Q246387)

Point and Print Is Not Working on Computers Running Windows 95/98 (Q246210)

Animated Pointers Disappear on Compaq Presario Computer (Q246155)

Cannot Access Hard Disk After Booting from Floppy Disk (Q245162)

Automatic Repeat Does Not Work for USB Keyboard After Suspend (Q245065)

Windows 98 Clients Not Registered with Dynamic DNS (Q242000)

Description and Availability of MSN Messenger Service (Q240063)

ATI OEM Rage II Drivers Do Not Work with Multiple Displays (Q207116)

RIVA 128 Video Adapters Are Incompatible with Multiple Display (Q205933)

Cannot Delete Any Files in Windows (Q246726)

Copying Floppy Icon in the “Send To” Folder May Cause Problems (Q246659)

Windows 95 and Windows 98 File Access URL Update (Q245729

Cannot Move Programs Between Multiple Monitors (Q245679)

General Protection Fault When Browsing for Device Drivers (Q245583)

“System Restore Operation Failed” Error When Restoring Registry (Q245412)

Scanreg Does Not Back Up User.dat Files When Using User Profiles (Q245147)

CardBus PC Card Not Working on Toshiba Satellite Computer (Q245132)

No Old Password Visible When Changing Domain Password (Q245111)

Error Message: Fatal Exception 0E in VxD IOS (04) (Q243037)

Create File NCP May Not Function Correctly with Read/Write Flags (Q242193)

Hang on Resume with Ultra DMA Device and ACPI BIOS (Q239700)

Err Msg: You Must Operate in Small Font Mode to View MSN… (Q244447)

Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2 Requests Disk During Setup (Q244349)

Windows 98 Second Edition DUN 128-Bit Upgrade Release Notes (Q244214)

Device Manager Only Contains a Computer Entry (Q244166)

ScanDisk Errors on IDE Hard Disks Larger Than 32 GB (Q243450)

8.3 Aliases Are Not Created at the Windows 98 Command Prompt (Q243390)

Err Msg: Error Loading User.exe. You Must Re-Install Windows (Q243372)

How to Troubleshoot Network Printing Problems (Q243075)

USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q240075)

Cannot Browse Network Neighborhood if PDC Is on Separate Subnet (Q238853)

Removing DIGI Datafire Components Cause Fatal Exception Error (Q227159)

File SystemErrors (1026) When Attempting to Empty Recycle Bin (Q214403)

Windows Setup Screens and Colors Are Not Displayed Properly (Q208116)

Lexmark WinWriter Prints Extra Characters or Symbols (Q207974)

LaserWriter NTX Prints the Letter “T” Incorrectly from WordPad (Q207941)

Phoebe Micro 56K Internal Modem May Not Work Properly (Q207351)

Screen Does Not Redraw Properly After Starting Director 5 (Q207225)

GP Fault in Module Scvrecd2.dll When You Use WordPad (Q207158)

Err Msg: The File Was Not Found. Verify That You Have… (Q180465)

Correction in the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit (Q242764)

MacDrive 98 Cannot Read Macintosh-Formatted Floppy Disk (Q242463)

Sleep Button Setting Changes in Power Management Tool (Q242207)

Printed Colors Do Not Match the Colors on the Screen (Q241993)

Time Does Not Automatically Update When You Change the Time Zone (Q241965)

Incorrect Password When Connecting to a DUN Server (Q241891)

Dial-Up Networking Does Not Start (Q241886)

Some Camera Controls Lost After Upgrading Netmeeting 3 (Q241831)

Enabling USB Support Causes High-Pitched Noise (Q241259)

Error Message in ICS Adapter Properties in Device Manager (Q241255)

Cannot Establish Multilink Connection Using 3Com PCI WinModems (Q241239)

Infrared Communication Does Not Work After Using Preptool (Q241225)

Computer Hangs If USB Mouse Is Moved While Suspending (Q240021)

Unable to Set the GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize Parameter in Windows 98 (Q239731)

Converting 2-Digit Date to 4 Digits Using International Calendar (Q234559)

GP Fault Using Adobe FrameMaker and the Calculator Tool (Q232486)

Power Meter Displayed in Taskbar After Installing Sound Blaster (Q239777)

Error Message When Opening Self-Extracting File (Q239774)

The SHIFT+Delete Key Combination Sends Files to the Recycle Bin (Q239754)

Windows 98 Second Edition May Not Install Internet Explorer (Q239646)

You Are Prompted for Username and Password When Redirected (Q239546)

Microsoft Internet Directory Search May Return No Results (Q239476)

Files Not Found When Installing 3Com USB Modem in Windows 98 (Q239422)

Various Error Messages Displayed When Virtual Memory Is Enabled (Q239094)

How to Install Intel Intercast Technology for WebTV for Windows (Q238961)

Computer Does Not Resume After Warm Undock with USB Controller (Q238781)

Untitled System Folder Appears in My Computer (Q238517)

Troubleshooting Compact Disc Recordable and Re-Writable Drives (Q237948)

General Protection Fault When Starting Microsoft Solitaire (Q237900)

Description of Internet Explorer in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q237680)

Electrostatic Discharge Disables Devices Plugged In To USB Hub (Q236934)

Windows 95/98 TCP/IP May Retransmit Packets Prematurely (Q236926)

Left Mouse Setting Not Persistent in Mouse Tutorial (Q234950)

Establishing a VPN Connection with an ICS Host (Q234773)

DCOM Setting Not Retained Upgrading to Windows 98 Second Edition (Q233149)

Internet Properties Button Does Not Work (Q233102)

Address Toolbar Starts Shortcut Instead of Web Browser (Q233052)

I740 Adapter Problems After Windows 98 Second Edition Upgrade (Q232962)

Windows 98 Client Unable to Connect to Windows NT Share (Q232890)

Problems with VIA UHCI Host Controller (Q232889)

NetMeeting Cannot Run When You Are Running a DVD-ROM Program (Q232813)

Error Message Inserting DVD Movie in Cinemaster C WDM DVD Drive (Q232807)

Iomega FindIt Causes Illegal Operation in Windows (Q232794)

Err Msg: HH Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll (Q231819)

Err Msg: Drive Cannot Be Compressed…DRVSPACE 748 (Q226870)

AutoCAD 14.0 Does Not Update File Date or Time (Q225190)

How to Install Windows 98 on a Computer with No Operating System (Q221829)

General Protection Fault or Invalid Page Fault During Setup (Q209321)

Error Message When Printing Multiple Fonts in the Fonts Folder (Q208252)

PS/2 Mouse Does Not Work After Upgrading to Windows 98 (Q206034)

Capture PrinterPort and Other Dialog Boxes Show Truncated Path (Q205981)

Error Messages on Sony Laptop with SMC IR Ports (Q205745)

HyperTerminal Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Msvcrt.dll (Q238424)

Defrag Error Message: ID No:DEFRAG00205 (Q238165)

WebTV Broadcast Provider Listing May Be Incorrect (Q238126)

How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems (Q238096)

Cannot Map a Network Connection to a Local Shared Resource (Q238021)

TweakUI Not on Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM (Q237920)

Unable to Use Internet Explorer 4.0 Compatibility Mode (Q237787)

Windows 98 Second Edition Hangs on Compaq Presario 1220 Notebook (Q237756)

Error 59 When Changing Password with NET PASSWORD Command (Q237433)

Receive Win32sys.exe Error Messages When You Start Your Computer (Q236772)

Problems Joining Games Using Internet Connection Sharing (Q236429)

Availability of Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2 (Q236134)

MSCAM Performed an Invalid Page Fault in AVICAP.DLL (Q235022)

Nuts and Bolts Does Not Automatically Refresh the Screen When Yo (Q232954)

Data Stored on Flash Media Is Damaged or Unreadable (Q232888)

Prompted for Video Driver When New Hardware Profile Is Created (Q232724)

ICS Client Starts Wrong Web Site When Accepting Chat Request (Q231709)

User Name Keeps Changing in Dial-Up Networking Connection (Q230607)

Error Message When Starting a Backup Job (Q229256)

Hard Disk Volume Label Missing After Formatting in Windows (Q229177)

Recycle Bin Does Not Close After Clicking Close Button (Q227104)

Logo Screen Appears with Logo=0 Entry in the Msdos.sys File (Q226112)

How to Create Custom Calling Card Rules in Windows 98 (Q224076)

USB Audio Problems with Openhci.sys (Q237944)

Policy Not Applied Logging On Using a Space in the Domain Name (Q237923)

Incorrect Response After Pressing Windows Logo Key Three Times (Q237846)

Dial-Up Connection in ICS Does Not Prompt to Disconnect (Q237806)

ICS Setup Err Msg: Your Network Configuration Is Not Complete (Q237802)

Windows 98 should not be installed over Windows 98 Second (Q237587)

The Explorer Command Does Not Select the Correct File (Q237494)

System Date Reflects Changes While Date/Time Tool Is Open (Q237493)

128-Bit Dial-Up Networking Security Upgrade Does Not Work (Q237419)

Cannot Register Windows 98 (Q237335)

Cannot FTP to Windows NT 3.51 Server from Internet Explorer 5 (Q237000)

Description of How ICS Appears in Network Properties (Q236465)

No “Connect To” Dialog Box When You Double-Click a Connection (Q236457)

How to Reinstall Microsoft Fax and Windows Messaging (Q235713)

AOL Setup Error Messages in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q235704)

General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll (Q235618)

File Dates Incorrect After Installing Windows 98 Second Edition (Q235482)

RAS Clients Unable to Retrieve User List from Domain Controller (Q235463)

Err Msg: Winword Caused a General Protection Fault in Module… (Q234004)

Contents of the Open and Save As Dialog Boxes Sorted Incorrectly (Q233526)

The Empty Recycle Bin Sound Is Played for All Menus (Q232923)

Computer Restarts When You Try to Shut Down (Q232920)

Cannot Use Standby Mode with USB Epson Stylus 740 Printer (Q232902)

Tons of Helpful Tips for Windows Installation Problems

No Sharing Button After Installing Internet Connection Sharing (Q236152)

ACPI-Enabled Laptop Prompts Twice for a Hardware Profile (Q235962)

Err Msg: Direct X Wrapper: The Plug-in Created Input-Objects… (Q232949)

Computer May Not Shut Down or Restart in MS-DOS Mode (Q232915)

Err Msg: Netscape Executed an Invalid Instruction in Module… (Q232771)

Err Msg: Setup Encountered a Problem While Checking The… (Q232758)

Context Menu for Desktop Does Not Display Using Shift+F10 (Q232741)

DVD Movie Pauses or Stops in MediaMatics DVD Express (Q231333)

DFS Support in Windows 98 Hangs The Client For Microsoft Network (Q235276)

Possible Data Loss Writing to Full Network Drive (Q235274)

IEREPAIR Tool Not Accessible in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q235240)

Err Msg: Problems with This Web Page Might Prevent It From… (Q233156)

ScanDisk Fails During Windows 98 Second Edition Setup (Q233146)

Error Message When Transferring a File (Q233109)

Aztech 2316 Sound Card Incorrectly Detected as SoundBlaster Pro (Q233098)

Setup Hangs During Hardware Detection on HP Computer (Q233086)

Low Hard Disk Space After Computer Exits Standby Mode (Q232966)

Err Msg: The A/V Panel for This Device Is Not Configured… (Q232952)

Error Message Disables Power Management Events (Q232942)

Cannot Install Virtual Private Networking (Q232929)

Two Modems Listed After Windows 98 Second Edition Upgrade (Q232919)

Err Msg: A General Protection Fault Occurred in Module… (Q232895)

No Network Prompt with an Intel PRO/100B Network Adapter (Q232892)

Toshiba Tecra 530CDT Does Not Resume from Standby When Docked (Q232865)

Err Msg: Explorer Caused an Exception c0010000h in Module… (Q232803)

Desktop Icons May Not Appear on a Secondary Monitor (Q232798)

Can View Other Users’ Favorites When User Profiles Are Enabled (Q232789)

Cannot Use Whiteboard, Chat, or File Transfer in NetMeeting (Q232786)

Cannot Connect to PCAnywhere Host Computer Running ICS (Q232780)

Device Driver Is Not Downloaded from the Windows Update Web Site (Q232772)

Cannot Apply Folder Customization Globally (Q232743)

Error Message: Cinmst32.dll File Cannot Start. Check the File… (Q232730)

Cannot Resume Movie Using Microsoft DVD Player (Q232721)

Description of Ultra DMA (Q232545)

Error Messages Are Displayed When Using a Canon Printer (Q232506)

Error Message: Batmeter.dll Is Linked to Missing Export… (Q232489)

Description of RunOnceEx and RunEx Registry Keys (Q232487)

Description of Processor Support in Device Manager (Q232326)

Troubleshooting “Invalid Product Key” Error Message During Setup (Q232142)

Corrupted Setupx.dll After Installing Windows 98 Second Edition (Q231793)

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