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A Listing Of Relevant Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles Related To The Internet

This list of very helpful articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base deal with common and obscure Internet Explorer problems.

Tip: Even though list is very long, you can still find what you are looking for. Just hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard when viewing this page to bring up your browser’s Find dialog. Type in a keyword and your browser will find it if it’s on this page.

Last updated 6/1/2000

Internet Explorer Browsing How-To Guide

Internet Explorer Browsing Error Messages

How Can I Check my Internet Connection?

Explanation of User Interface (UI) Skins (Q253739)

How to Clear the History Entries in Internet Explorer (Q157729)

Internet Explorer Does Not Check for Newer Versions of Web Pages (Q201535)

Error Message: Cannot Play Back the Video Stream… (Q156286)

Computer May Stop Responding When Scrolling Through Web Page (Q175148)

Deleted Sites Reappear When You Next Start Internet Explorer (Q255176)

Missing Text When Printing Web Pages to HP PhotoSmart P1000 (Q254772)

Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool (Q194177)

Cannot Select FrontPage as Default HTML Editor (Q253123)

Error When Getting Messages from Hotmail Using Outlook Express (Q252520)

IEAK Restrictions Are Not Applied Correctly in Windows NT (Q251338)

Local Files May Be Accessed Using JavaScript Linked to Image Tag (Q251109)

Money 99 Personal & Business Contact Manager Shows No Contacts (Q230284)

“Generic: Trust Failure File:” When Installing Intern (Q207244)

Communicator Personal Toolbar Not Imported During Upgrade (Q204570)

How to Change Your Home Page in Internet Explorer (Q252464)

HTML File Cannot Post Data to a Non-NTLM Authenticated Folder (Q251404)

Err Msg: An ActiveX Control on this Page Is Not Safe (Q251365)

Err Msg: This Package Requires Internet Explorer 5.0… (Q251043)

GPF Customizing the Start Menu Using Taskbar Properties (Q249073)

IEXPLORE Caused an Invalid Page Fault in SHELL32.DLL (Q249064)

Multiple Internet Explorer Instances Do Not Redraw Correctly (Q246113)

Problems Moving a Personal Cache to a Shared Cache (Q205521)

Error Message Viewing Help Files When Ratings Are Enabled (Q203981)

Unable to Connect to Internet When Connected to Network with RAS (Q250566)

Document.LastModified Returns Invalid Date (Q250316)

Error Messages Received Downloading Windows Media Audio Files (Q250035)

Internet Explorer for Macintosh May Not Be Displayed as Expected (Q249969)

Wininet: Dates and Times May Show Up Incorrect in FTP Listings (Q249811)

Internet Explorer Help Does Not Work on Terminal Server Computer (Q249725)

IE5 Stops Responding When Accessing a Gopher Search Page (Q246767)

Complete List of Internet Explorer 5.01 Restrictions (Q245427)

Internet Explorer Does Not Display Updated Files Over FTP URL (Q241727)

Cannot Display More Than 248 Columns of Text Using PRE Tag (Q240121)

Desktop Is Not Painted After Logging On (Q238744)

Auto-Proxy Functions Supported by Internet Explorer (Q209266)

Error Message: Cannot Play Back the Video Stream… (Q156286)

Err Msg: MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Wab32.dll (Q247706)

How to Backup and Restore Internet Explorer 5 Security Zone Info (Q247388)

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery “Spoofing” May Change Proxy Settings (Q247333)

Internet Explorer 5 Task Scheduler Allows Privilege Elevation (Q246972)

Internet Explorer Desktop Icon Disappears When You Make Changes (Q246832)

Damaged OLE Component Stops Internet Explorer Setup (Q246180)

Update for “Server-Side Page Reference Redirect” Vulnerability (Q246094)

Incorrect Usage of FTP Server Name (Q244784)

Error Message: 373 No Such Interface Supported (Q246589)

“Always Show Internet Explorer Radio Bar” Option Missing (Q246551)

Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools Entry Missing (Q246548)

Outlook Express Start-up Informational Pane Is Blank (Q246396)

Radio Toolbar Missing After You Uninstall Internet Explorer 5.01 (Q246395)

“Windows Protection Error” After Installing Internet Explorer 5 (Q246381)

Internet Explorer 5.01 Support.txt File (Q246369)

Internet Explorer 5.01 Readme.txt File (Q246346)

Internet Explorer 5.01 File List (3 of 3) (Q246221)

Availability of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 (Q246211)

Internet Explorer 5.01 File List (2 of 3) (Q246205)

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 5.01 (Q246194)

Internet Explorer 5.01 File List (1 of 3) (Q246073)

Description of Internet Explorer 5.01 (Q244655)

Starting Internet Explorer Opens an MS-DOS Command Prompt Window (Q244460)

Update for “Javascript Redirect” in Internet Explorer 5 (Q244357)

Update for “Javascript Redirect” in Internet Explorer 4.01 (Q244356)

Internet Explorer Does Not Connect Using 128-Bit SGC Encryption (Q244302)

File Menu and Tools Menu Missing in Internet Explorer (Q244158)

Installing NetZero Causes Error Message in Hhctrl.ocx (Q244028)

Text in Internet Explorer Buttons or Links Unreadable or Missing (Q243708)

Insert Discussion in the Document Button Is Unavailable (Q235311)

AOL 5 in Windows 95 Causes Problems for Other DUN Connections (Q244252)

JavaScript Redirect Vulnerability in Internet Explorer (Q244233)

How to Remove Task Scheduler from Internet Explorer 5 (Q243955)

How to Manually Uninstall Internet Explorer 5 for Windows 95 (Q243678)

Update Available for Outlook Express 5 IMAP Dates Issue (Q237824)

Update Available for Outlook Express 4.01 IMAP Dates (Q237823)

How to Determine Year 2000 Compliance for Internet Explorer 5 (Q237190)

Err Msg: A Previous Program Installation Was Never Completed (Q234983)

How to Connect to MSN Using a Macintosh (Q221462)

Incorrect Text Pasted in FrontPage Express from Outlook 98 (Q217319)

Err Msg: Please Check Your Content Advisor Settings for… (Q242037)

Windows Update Web Site No Longer Downloads Add-Ons in English (Q241876)

Update for ImportExportFavorites Vulnerability, ActiveX Controls (Q241361)

Err Msg: Iexplore.exe Exception: Access Violation (0xc0000005) (Q240023)

The Internet Explorer 5 Repair Tool (Q194177)

Error Message Starting Computer with Pagis Pro 3.0 Installed (Q239057)

Cannot Install Internet Explorer in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q238670)

Must Start Internet Explorer Twice for Automatic Configuration (Q237540)

Unable to Paste Data into a Text Box on a Web Page (Q236137)

JAVA Program Is Always Printed in Initial State (Q234989)

Menu Bar Disappears After Using Internet Explorer for a While (Q234012)

Deleted “Available Offline” Favorites Stay on Synchronize List (Q227050)

Per-Session Cookies Are Not Cleared Until You Close Browser (Q224304)

Internet Explorer Restriction “Always Prompt on Download” (Q238723)

Cannot Open a Folder in “My Computer” (Q238350)

Web Page Displays Incorrect Font (Q238299)

How To Print the Favorites List in Internet Explorer 5 (Q237954)

Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Shell32.dll (Q237888)

Images May Not Refresh on a Web Page (Q237885)

Connections No Longer Use LAN Automatic Configuration and Proxy (Q236920)

Navigate Call Causes Browser to Hang (Q236914)

Using Quick Search Shortcut Returns “404” Error (Q236606)

Second Call to FtpOpenFile() Without Write Permission Hangs (Q236178)

Err Msg: No Offline Items to Synchronize (Q235750)

Memory Leak in Function Call (Q235674)

Continuous Stream of AutoDialer Connection Dialog Boxes (Q235667)

Dial-Up Connection Does Not Hang Up (Q235666)

Significant Delays Downloading Third-Party Files Using Plug-ins (Q235313)

Silent Minimal Internet Explorer Install with Custom Components (Q235302)

Err Msg: Socks5 Cram Authentication… Enter the User Name (Q234515)

How to Not Install the Outlook Express Icon on the Desktop (Q230376)

Internet Explorer Proxy Settings Change After Computer Restarts (Q223273)

Err Msg: Internal Error in Windows Internet Extensions (Q222909)

Err Msg: A Previous Program Installation Was Never Completed… (Q221863)

Refresh Does Not Change a Web Hit Counter (Q221853)

No Sound After Download Is Complete in Internet Explorer 5 (Q236784)

Internet Explorer Missing Full Screen Window Options (Q236361)

POST from Within Microsoft Excel/Word Macro May Not Work (Q236020)

Unable to Refresh Modal or Modeless Dialog Boxes (Q235304)

High-Speed Push-Technology Program May Overwrite Internet Cache (Q234266)

How to Set Up Two Internet Accounts in Internet Explorer (Q233540)

Internet Explorer Opens When You Scroll Over a Link in E-Mail (Q232810)

Printed Text Is Overwritten by Margins, Headers, and Footers (Q231722)

Err Msg: This Web Page Could Not Be Saved (Q235589)

Cannot Copy Address from a Web Page (Q236171)

DUN Connections Unavailable in Synchronization Settings (Q236060)

Secure FTP Through a Proxy Does Not Work Using NTLM (Q235524)

Web Page with “Pragma: No-Cache” Tag Stored in Cache Not Deleted (Q234247)

Internet Explorer Linked Pages Are Being Cached in Frame Set (Q233528)

Subscription Feature Removed from Internet Explorer 5 (Q233355)

Event Keycode Does Not Return Proper Value for ARROW Keys (Q233280)

Problem with AutoConfig URL During Internet Explorer Setup (Q232031)

Internet Explorer Prompts for Proxy Authentication Multiple Time (Q234792)

Error Message: Thank You For Your Interest in Windows Update… (Q234272)

Err Msg: This Certificate Has Failed to Verify for All of Its… (Q233479)

Err Msg: You Must Have NT SUR 4.0 Gold (Version 1381) to Install (Q233227)

Err Msg: Unsupported Browser: Please Install a Supported… (Q233121)

Err Msg: A Runtime Error Has Occurred. Do You Wish to Debug? (Q233112)

Internet Explorer Error Message When Viewing a Secure Web Site (Q232098)

Sound Events Do Not Work After Installing Internet Explorer 5 (Q231459)

The Image List Tool Does Not Display a List of Images (Q230264)

The Subscription Feature Is Not Available in Internet Explorer 5 (Q228243)

The Radio Toolbar Is Always Missing in Internet Explorer (Q228134)

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 from Windows 98 (Q227035)

Err Msg: Error Deleting File Cannot Delete INFO2… (Q226978)

Internet Explorer Service Pack 2 Setup Folder Has Incorrect Name (Q226960)

Err Msg: Setup Cannot Download Files to the Folder… (Q223818)

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