Updating your windows computer

You need to make sure you always keep your pc (and your mom/dad/relatives) computer’s up to date with the latest patches for your windows computer.  Windows update is a free service from microsoft that helps you easily patch your computer with all the latest neccessary patches to keep your pc running at optimal health, security, and stability.

If you allow a computer to go weeks or even months without ever being updated you run the very real risk of infection by some malware or other ominous online threat to your computer.

Always scan your computer for spyware weekly and ensure you always have the latest updates installed on your pc for maximum defense to online threats.

Updating windows is really a lot more simple than you may think.  Just goto the site and follow the simple directions.  They built your operating system so obviously they know how to handle and maintain it.

I suggest you also allow the site to serve you automatic high priority updates as this will let you know when you are getting the latest security patches and always keep your computer up to date with the latest patches from microsoft.

Microsoft is always coming out with new patches to help make sure your pc is safe and secure online.  Make sure you use them so you keep your data secure.

Article by PC 911

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