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Vista Defrag Details Removed

One thing I would like to gripe about is Microsoft has seen fit to remove the GUI (graphical user interface)áportion of disk defrag which lists details of the defrag process.

I don’t know about you but to me this information can be useful. Not only could review defrag details but also a progress bar which showed when the process might end. Maybe I am just a control freak.

Many operations I do require peak performance. Running these operations during the defrag process can impact performance of the other applications and effect the outcome.

I guess I will just have to start the process and walk away for hours due to the lack of information on how long the process may take. This will definitely effect my efficiency. I guess I will have to purchase a third party application so I can review details of the defrag process.

Just another instance of Microsoft thinking they know what we do and do not need.

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absolute says

Absolutely, i like to see what my systemz doing and the doing away of the GUI wasnt the best of things. But i switched to Diskeeper, which has a fantastic new GUI and works anyway you want it. Set it to run and defrag during idle time or simply run it urself. Both ways it does a clean job in no time.

jd webb says

I’ll Digg this, thanks!

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