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Vista SATA- Enable enhanced performance

If your computer is configured with a SATA disk drive you have the ability to tweak the performance of the hard drive. This can easily be done by enhancing write caching. Of course for stability and to prevent the loss of critical information please note your computer should be connected to a battery backup in case you have a power loss. Of course this is ideal for a laptop configuration since your laptop battery is a form of battery backup.

This option makes Windows Vista bypass the cache which in turn changes the functionality to where the operating system reads and writes directly to your hard drive. This is a buffer to protect your hard drive from sudden losses of power that might corrupt or lose data. This is why it is best to only enable this option for systems with a battery backup.
To perform the following performance enhancement please follow the instructions below:

1. Browse to the Device Manager

2. Select and expand the “Disk Drives”

3. Right click on SATA hard drive and select Properties

4. Choose the “Policies” tab and check “Enable advanced performance”

5. Select OK and close Device Manager

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Jack says

I tried this and it did seem to increase performance some. It didnt seem to increase it greatly though, but I guess every little bit helps.

Chen says

Is it good only for SATA or even for ATA?
I think I have an ATA drive, but vista still allows me to check the “Enable advanced performance” option.
Should I enable it?

Luhmann says

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