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Which processes running on your computer are harmful?

We have just added a new section to PC911 where we list hundreds of system processes running in a process list.


We are working on a little download you can run and easily search through our site to find the processes running on your pc and see if you need to turn them off or if they are perfectly normal. It will be free to all our users.

Some processes are needed by some programs and others are not needed at all they are just slowing down the processing speed of your computer.

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Para Last says

Thank you for providing your list of processes. For beginners or intermediates, it’s a very valuable information to help out when you do not know what these things are or do with your PC. Heres hoping you keep the list updated!
Kind Regards

Kari says

This is a great tool but I found it to be a little difficult to find the ones I was looking for quickly. I think it would be a lttle more user friendly if the list was alphabetized.
Thanks Again

brunlea says

thanks you for this useful guide but its a little difficult to understand for a noob like me…would it be possible to have this guide to make it to something easy to understand so that i know what im doing.

admin says

Thanks for the feedback Brunlea. We are working on reorganizing the process list and making a little program to help as well.

brunlea says

thank you very much for a so quick reply admin…

brunlea says

Note:smss.exe may also indicate the presence of a Trojan, backdoor vulnerability on your computer. A Trojan will allow hackers to obtain a remote connection to your computer, and to steal important personal information. This file is dangerous, and should be removed as soon as possible when discovered.

I am trying to disable the above precessor but unable to do ao. can anyone advice me as how to disable this processor.

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