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Why are we still using 56k modems

Just yesterday I was approached by a neighbor who had a laptop that claimed it was not functioning properly. I enquired as to what the problem may be, and he stated it was extremely slow on the Internet.

Once I examined the laptop I noticed he was using a 56k modem to connect to the internet. So of course the first thing out of my mouth is “what’s the issue with it?”. He stated he was only getting about a 10k download speed (This is where I slightly chuckled).

At this point I tried to explain to him that he was very lucky to be receiving such speeds on a 56k connection, and that just because it says 56k it does not mean that is the speed you will experience. After a long conversation about communication in and out and how it relates to your overall connection speed I inquired as to why he had not looked at broadband.

I mean really here it is 2007 and with all the ways to obtain a broadband connection surely he couldn’t dismiss this as an option. He stated he needed a connection that would work at his lake house. I simply asked how he receivedTV channels at this location and he stated satellite. Ok not the best type of broadband to use, but it’s an option.

Next I asked if he had a cell carrier he used. He replied with the carriers name and I asked if he had contacted them to inquire about a gsm pcmcia card. Now that I had peaked his interest the conversation started to move towards a productive direction.

I explained that with todays technology if you have a cell carrier you can have unlimited access any where you can obtain a cell signal and the cost will vary from 29.99 to 59.99 per month. He was extremely delighted to say the least.

So after a ten minute conversation with his cell carrier they were shipping him a connection card and would simply add the charges to his next bill. Now isn’t that awesome? (I asked). Another satisfied customer.

Is it just that people dont know about this technology? Are the hundreds of broadband commercials not getting through to people?

I understand that you can get a 56k connection much cheaper than a broadband connection, but if you spend time at a location or as I like to call them “my working vacations” I want to get my work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I hope anyone who reads this article (if using 56k connections) willat leasttake the time to inquire about broadband from their carriers. Remember if you use cable there is cable modem. If you use satellite they can provide broadband. If you have a cell phone your carrier can provide options for broadband. I think that covers it. The only remaining excuse is cost, but as time goes by this technology becomes cheaper and cheaper. Why not try it? I’m sure you will be happy with the service.

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John says

People are still using 56k technology? Unbelievable!

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