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Why Ubuntu is useful for the office?

Ubuntu is a great option for those people who need a utility to help them with work, there is everything you need and its all exactly what you are used to with Windows, after all it has some really great merits!

First of all Ubuntu is free for downloading and for using, you dont have to pay anything to install it on to your computer or laptop. Its the same for all compatible software, all applications, programs and other software are available from an open source and are free for you to use! Their features are no less than any of Windows similar products and at times even seem developed to a higher standard. In that respect this operating system will genuinely save you money especially if we are talking about your whole business rather than just one computer.

This OS is very unpretentious and can work on the old generation of PCs for instance on 1.4GHz Pentium IV HP with 512MB of RAM circa year 2000. I doubt very much that Windows will be satisfied enough with these circumstances to work properly. But for Ubuntu there is no problem at all, it still works swift and smart.

Ubuntu offers a great support for your hardware and peripherals. Using Ubuntu you can feel free to use any normal office equipment without the need for downloading special drivers. If you are going to connect a graphic card and chipset you can take full advantage of this hardware by installing drivers for them, its not essential but recommended.

What do people need for a successful period of work? Peace and quiet not to get distracted every minute, and if you manage a business, you need to be able to concentrate on what you are doing. With Ubuntu it wont be difficult for many reasons. There is nothing excessive or unnecessary, the interface is restrained but similar to the Windows interface. If you are used to using Windows then you wont struggle with this new interface, you may be only a short time to become familiar with it.

Overall Ubuntu is relatively easy to use, again, it might be unusual and might require a little time for getting used but once you do you will be flying with it as if you had always been using it. If you have learned how to use Windows, what could possibly stop you from learning how to use Ubunta? This Operating System offers great support in the form of Ubuntu Community Help. There you can find the answers to your questions and those frequently asked questions in no time.

This OS is also easy to upgrade. With Ubuntu you dont have to waste your time looking for appropriate freewares or shareware to download. The package manager will sort everything out for you, all updates will be installed with the help of this utility.

One of the most important features for work is the security which Ubuntu offers. There are no viruses at all when you download it, equally there is no chances of downloading anything from maleformat sources. When youre at work my guess is you use your e-mail constantly, new inbox messages comes from different sources not only from partners or customers. In Windows the risk of downloading a virus this way is always high, you have to check over your anti-virus system thoroughly and keep it up to date other wise you might lose all digital assets on your computer. With Ubunta by Linux you can breathe a sigh of relief, the system is completely safe, any type of virus or spyware is excluded.

If you are still undecided whether or not to install Ubuntu by Linux you can try it before you start using it. There is a Live CD feature with the same name try before you install which allows to install the Operating System inside of your Windows, in this case you will see this OS as an application. Try it and then you will decide what is right for you.

Guest post by Andy Groaning of http://www.bravofiles.com – Drivers and software downloads

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