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Windows 8 release date

Windows 8 rumors are flying around now and the buzz about Windows 8 is full of hype. There are rumors of a release date in late 2011 and early 2012. My opinion is that it will be released around Feb 2012. There have been a couple of sneak peeks at the new operating system and it seems to be less targeted to just PC’s with an obvious tablet inspired interface.

Windows 8 TilesThere are tiles as shown above scattered throughout Windows 8 and you can quickly launch apps from the new tiled start screen. You can easily multitask, or switch between different apps and the tiles and live notifications. You can quickly resize tiles and there seems to be a new app store to easily download free or low priced apps.

As always I will be late to adapt to the new operating system. I skipped Vista altogether and reluctantly upgraded to Windows 7 when I had to buy a new tower. From the first day I loved it and eagerly trashed my dated Windows XP despite my claims that I would just stick with XP for years.

It seems to lean towards touchscreen monitors which I don’t care for personally. I find touchscreens to be more of a vanity than useful. Maybe I am just old school preferring a mouse to make my way around.

Stay tuned for more articles on the upcoming Windows 8 and the Windows 8 release date.

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Jada says

In my place all of us are waiting for the Win 8, Thanks to Microsoft they are really changing our life style in terms of new technology, I hope It has window media player 12 and Internet explorer 9
Now I am currently using Windows 7 with 64 bytes (When Win 8 is released we gonna be 128 bytes men)

Jon says

What might be interesting how much support there will be for using this new tabletized interface with a kinect – that would seem the best next step – skipping out touchscreens altogether (which in my opinion only suit hand held devices).

admin says

I agree Jon Good point

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