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Windows Live Mail

Microsoft has announcedáthe new Windows Live Mail program whichácombines features from previous versions of Windows mail applications. After looking over Live Mailáit’s abilities includeápulling messages from Web mail and other accounts, its photo e-mail composition option, and other new features. Of course the new application still leaves room for improvement.

Once again as with many Microsoft products (even fully released versions) we are beta testers. The program does have many new updated features, but I would recommend waiting until they have had at least one major update for the program.

With a little tweaking it does run pretty well. The photo message option is a nice feature, but photo mail does not seem to be compatible with some other mail providers. When reviewing a test email the photo did not appear correctly.

Live Mail does seem to be much better than any version of Outlook Express. Until fully released I would recommend backups of email as you may end up as one of those users who experiences issues. Now what do they call those again?…………… Oh Yeah! Beta testers.

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