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Windows Live One Care

Windows Live One Care is a utility designed by Microsoft to scan your computer for several different issues. Live One care scans your computer for unnecessary temporary files, invalid registry entries, open ports, malware, and even checks your hard drive to see if defragmentation is necessary.

The service is free for ninety days after which time there is a required yearly fee of $49.95 to maintain a subscription. Microsoft has deployed this utility to help users maintain security and functionality of their computers.

If you decide to acquire use of this utility they do require you uninstall any third party virus or firewall applications. If you have already purchased one of these types of applications this can be problematic as you will lose the use of the paid subscription to the third party service.

Overall this utility seemed to work well. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any detailed information as to what the scan has found. When trying to review the registry entries that were flagged as errors I could not locate any detailed information on the entries and what they may relate to.

Microsoft seems to counter this by stating if you have any undesirable effects to use system restore which will reverse any registry changes. This seems to be counter productive.

Before deciding to use this service you may want to read the installation requirements document by clicking here.

Windows live One Care may be a useful utility if you do not own software that already performs these functionalities. To review more detailed information concerning this product you may visit the Windows live One Care web site.

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Mike Jones says

Windows live one care seems to be Microsoft’s way of competing with all the third party versions of virus and cleanup utlities. They wont get my money though.

Tom Collins says

In plain english it sucks my pc has been screwed up ever since i got this garbage and support wants $$$ to fix it so i can use my pc properly stay away from this money trap I want this suckey site off my pc dont bother calling for support some indian lady called me an American pig msn support is the same way just call and see for yourself I been with msn for 10 years and never seen it this bad they broke it but they dont want to fix it. there another Al Capone.

Cindy Vath says

I would never get Windows Live One Care again. It was supposed to be automatically scanning every night. It showed that everything was working properly and a couple of months after subscribing I received a virus and the computer tech that fixed my computer informed me that it last showed that live care was being used was just after I purchased it. I called to get a refund after 3 months and they told me sorry there is nothing they can do. Windows Live One Care SUCKS

admin says

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble Cindy. We have heard a few stories similar to this. You can try out PC Registry Cleaner to cleanup and repair your PC. Here is a special 25% discount for PC Registry Cleaner that will save you 25% off a license.

Also ccleaner is a good product for cleaning up junk off your PC and it’s free.

admin says

Sorry I forgot to leave the coupon code that saves you the 25% off PC Registry Cleaner.

It is 25off

WjL says

Same problem. Bought it. It worked great for about six months. Got an upgrade about a month ago – since then both my kids’ laptops, my main pc and a my media server/backup drive became utterly useless. The uninstall (on each system) was an unbelieveable nightmare. There are STILL remnants on one pc that arise smugly everytime I re-start. I am convinced that they will be there until I reformat. Since I got rid of it on the others – all is ok again. What a shame… I really thought they had something there. But believe me, I won’t go through that again. Makes me wonder. Does anybody every test this crap before they release it to their customers?

JstOK says

Honestly, I utilized the free 90 day trial and I experienced nothing unusual, nadda, zip, zilch! It worked like a charm…I certainly would recommend it again to someone; of course you may ask why I only used the free trial and discontinued it? Simply because it was free…my company offers free protection software and I simply went back to using it. So Kudo’s to MS for letting me use it.

mac says

i agree with jstok i like windows live one care i used the 90 dasy trial version thought it was great and still found it did a good job after the trial was over. i think its a shame they phased it out i havent had an oportunity to use there new product yet i hope it works just as good. i dont know much about what it does though

Anita says

I uninstalled one care because they will be gone in a few months…It took my backup utillity with it.
now I can not backup my system ???HELP

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