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Wishlist Member Review


I have been playing with Wishlist Member for awhile now and have really started to like it. After many users asked us how to start a membership site we set out on the task of finding the easietst to use yet most powerful member site software on the planet, this is how I came to write this Wishlist Member Review.

Now you have been wasting your time searching for a Wishlist Member coupon I’ll let you know that there are not any. That being said, this is the single best membership site solution we found out of over 12 tested.

Wishlist Member is literally as easy as uploading and activating a new plugin right into wordpress. The setup and configuration can be handled by the least tech savy person on your team in less than a day.

If you are looking to put together a membership site I highly recommend you download Wishlist Member and give it a try.

I highly suggest getting their multi site license so that you get the free themes that come with them so that you can hit the ground running with your new membership site built on Wishlist Member.

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John says

I tried wishlist member from your review and I love it! Having tried many different scripts from amember to butterfly marketing to launch formula and memberfire. None of them even compare to this wishlist member.


David says

I am creating a membership site and have chosen WishList Member for this purpose. It seems great, however I have some specific questions as they relate to how I wish to configure my members site. Can you recommend anyone that I can use to help me with this? Probably only take a few hours to set it up, but would like a live interaction versus submitting long questions to the WishList Member support.


admin says

Hi David
If you are already a customer you can login to the site and watch over 30 support videos on the bottom right column. I bet almost any question you have about wishlist member will be answered in those videos.

Wishlist member says

I love it! Have been looking for a script to do this for months and 5 minutes after getting wishlist member I had it! Awesome!!!

eugene-netbooks blogger says

Why i need upgrade my server to PHP5 for Wishlist ?What difference between 4 and 5 versions?and How to do it?

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