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Reviews of computer products


You all have seen reviews for computer products, usually in magazines and on web sites. While they are usually informative, there is one thing that is missing: The opinion of actual real-world users like yourself.

Most of the reviews you will find here were sent in by actual users just like yourself, giving their honest opinion and sharing their first-hand experience with computer-related products, to help you make an educated decision.

Note: We've included a link to the manufacturer's web site for each product. If you click the link and get an error that the web site cannot be found, don't freak out. The link was correct when we included it, however, web sites changes quickly and often, and chances are the manufacturer redesigned their web site which of course is beyond our control. If you find such a broken link, simply e-mail us and let us know which page has a broken link so we can update it for you right away.
You will also notice that we didn't include any prices. We decided that since prices change so quickly and often, we would instead include a link to our online comparison shopping section where you can quickly and efficiently locate retailers with the lowest current prices for the product.







Hardware (54)
Thinking about buying a new piece of hardware, or upgrade a component of your PC? Check here first and see if somebody else has an opinion to share, which could help you make a better buying decision. 

Some examples: 
SnapGear SME550
Dell Inspiron 8500
Linksys Wireless Router & USB Network Adapter
TigerDirect BlasterPC
D-Link Wireless Networking
Tiger Direct Blaster PC
SonicWALL Telecommuter
eVGA GeForce2 MX
Abit KA7
ATI Video Card
Linksys Cable/DSL Router
NetGear Router 
SB Live!/FPS2000 Speakers
ATI All-In-Wonder 128 32MB
Hauppauge Win-TV Theater
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer
Hauppauge Win-TV Theater
Logitech QuickCam Home - USB
Logitech QuickClip USB Video Capture Device
Microtek SlimScan C6 USB Scanner
Microtek Scanmaker 4
Iiyama Vision Master Monitors

Software (65)
Having a hard time which software to buy? No wonder, because there are so many games, utilities, productivity and other titles out there. Check here first and see if somebody else has an opinion to share, which could help you make a better buying decision.

Some examples:
Acronis Partition Expert 2003
LI Utilities WinBackup
BackUp MyPC
Acronis TrueImage
Smoothwall Firewall
Zone Alarm
Zone Alarm
Deep Space 9 : Dominion Wars
SuSE Linux 
Combat Mission
AVP: AntiViral Toolkit Pro
Norton Antivirus
Norton System Works
Norton Antivirus
Black Ice DefenderFTP Voyager 
Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed
InnoculateIT Personal Edition
Norton Ghost
PowerQuest Partition Magic
Linux and Newbies
Microsoft Office
Gibson Research Software
Symantec ACT! 
Family Tree Maker

Web Sites (10)
Curious about web sites? Here you can find opinions about web sites and find out if they are worth visiting or not.

Other (41)
Anything else that didn't fit into one of the categories above is here. Peripherals, kitchen sinks and other odd and ends. Check here first and see if somebody else has an opinion to share, which could help you make a better buying decision.


The reviews posted in this section are the personal opinions of the individual submitters. They do not necessarily represent the opinion of PC911. PC911 cannot be held responsible for the contents of the reviews. Each review will only be edited for language, grammar and spelling.







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