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How PC911 came about and what the site is all about

The PC911 web site was founded in January of 1999 by yours truly, owner, webmaster and editor-in-chief Alex "crazygerman" Byron. The site was inspired by many, many questions about Windows and PCs being asked over and over again by friends, offline as well as online. The goal was to write up the answers in form of easy to understand how-to articles and organize them for easy access.

Soon a team started to form as several computer users who were already helping others in some form online joined forces with PC911. Their combined efforts helped making this site what it is now with their great combined knowledge, skills and selfless attitude. They deserve a big round of applause and a big pat on the back for their invaluable contributions.

In the summer of '99 MaximumPC took on PC911 as an affiliate which gave the site's traffic a big boost and grew our audience by leaps and bounds. I am very grateful for this opportunity and want to express my thanx to Ed Homich, the MaximumPC producer at the time, and the rest of the MaximumPC crew for their support and having faith in this site.

The site reached a milestone with the site in August of 2000 when it had its first month with over 1,000,000 page views. Somehow the site just keeps growing like a weed and over time turned into the beast it is now.

The main goal is to give computer users around the world a place to find out more about computers in an easy to understand, non-intimidating environment, and help to make their computing experience a happy and safe one. The motto is: PC911 - Friendly Expert Computer Help in Plain English.

One particular quality that makes this site stand out is that the articles are written in plain simple English, not geek speak, to make it easier for the average user to understand them. If there are technical terms used sometimes, it is because it is a very common term a reader should be familiar with. If the term is unfamiliar, Webopedia is a great resource for explanations for the most common computer terms.

In September of 2002 the site underwent some changes. After almost 4 years, the toll the site had taken on my life, marriage, career, and free time was getting too much, and I decided to reduce the site by eliminating some of the less useful features, automating some areas, and closing the forum section. However, the forum community continues to thrive at


My immense gratitude goes out to all the team members that contributed to this site over the years and helped make the site what it is now. Al, Shelly, Grogan, Steve Yandl, ChrisP, MrMan, Jan, Marti, DaLanTech, Scotterpops - you guys rock!

Additional thanx go to a few other acknowledged gurus that wrote "guest" articles for PC911 like Xin Li, Zenwolf, and others, as well as many others who contributed to the site in form of reviews, tips, suggestions, corrections, etc.


The How-To Guides are tutorials in plain English that are designed to help you understand things that you might not be familiar with and have hesitated to start, and walk you through the process.

The Review section has a collection of reviews about computer products, either written by PC911, or contributed by other PC911 readers.

The Downloads section is a great collection of freeware programs from all over the world, unearthed, tested, and approved, for you to enjoy.

Click on Best Prices to conveniently find the best prices online for anything computer related. This incredibly easy search engine lets you browse for the best prices online, gives you many details about the product, provides ratings of the online vendor to ensure you order from a reliable source, and even figures out the shipping cost. It doesn't get much better than this.

The Tips & Tweaks section contains hundreds of neat little tips, tweaks, and scripts that help you do things faster or better in Windows and MS Office.

In the Links section you'll find links to other great computer related sites as well as manufacturer's web sites in case you ever need to contact them or obtain a driver or manual.

If you have a hard time finding something, you can also search this site by keyword.

See what others say about this site

So far, we have received nothing but positive feedback about this site, and plenty of it. To see what awards we've received so far and what great comments some of our readers have sent us, check out our Awards and Feedback page.

Your Input

Hopefully you enjoy your visit to this site and find it helpful. If you find something to be unclear, too complicated, missing, wrong, or if you would like to see a topic added, if you have a suggestion for an article, please send me an e-mail and let me know what can be done better. Any constructive input that will help to improve this site and make it more valuable to you is appreciated.

Enough said. Use the menu on the left to start learning more about Windows, the Internet and your PC.


Alex "crazygerman" Byron
Owner, Webmaster, Editor-in-Chief

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