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Restore "Attributes" in Win98
If your Attributes column is gone after upgrading to Win98 then read this.

Change Settings For Choosing "Unknown File Type"
This is an important preventative measure you can take to reduce the chance of making erroneous file associations.

Quick Tip: Cookies
Make room on your HDD.

Several Fixes For Picture Preview In Explorer
Three possible solutions for this very common problem.

Fix Annoying Autocomplete Delay
If you've experienced this exasperating symptom, here's the fix for the delay before Autocomplete starts to work.

Fix Missing Taskbar
Just in case your task bar suddenly is missing.

Fix For "Floppy Seek" Annoyance
Another minor annoyance. But we have a solution.

Various Win98SE Installation And Upgrade Fixes
A veritable plethora of problems which you may encounter when upgrading, and their solutions.

Use The Win98 Upgrade CD To Clean Install
If you're considering upgrading this is a must read.

Fix For Grayed-Out Start Button Options
A cure for another very common problems in Win98.

The Famous Win98 VxD Fix
This fix has cured many Win98 installations with serious problems.

Win9x Tips
A huge collection of Win9x tips, remedies and tricks to keep your computer healthy.

Install The Desktop Update With Secret Switches
Are you running Windows 95 or Windows NT 4 and want to have the Desktop Update with Internet Explorer 5.x? Read on.

A Fix For Disappearing Web Sites in Win9x
If you suddenly cannot get to certain web sites from your PC, yet they work fine from another PC, you might have a bad Host file.

Kill Off The Immortal Task Scheduler Once And For All
It can drive you to distraction. You try again and again to disable the Task Scheduler and it's there yet again, every time you reboot.

Create Shortcuts to Your Most Used Tabs in the System and Display Properties Applets in Win9x
If you often access different parts of your System and Display Properties Applets in the Control Panel, these convenient shortcuts will save you time.

DOS Compatibility Mode Grief in Win98
If you are experiencing noticeably degraded performance, this information right from your Win98 CD may provide the solution.

Create a Win98 Emergency Recovery Disk in Win2K or DOS
So, you didn't make an Emergency Boot Disk when you installed Windows 98? Oh, you're so naughty.

"There Are No Spare Stack Pages" Error
A common error on Windows 98 after installing Internet Explorer 5. Here's the fix.

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