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Tweaking Windows
Start here, a tutorial about tweaking Windows.

Best Windows XP Tweaks
A collection of my favorite XP tips and tweaks.

Make Your Computer a Powerful PC
A great Registry tweak to give your PC a boost!

Launch Win9x Programs With a Typed Command
For true Power Users this is a must. Launch Notepad, or any program quickly.

Improve Your DOS Box
Add a red banner with white text across the top of your DOS box in Windows.

Shut Down Win9x With One Click
Another Power User tweak. Work more efficiently.

Faster Internet Connections
If you have a cable or DSL connection check out this speed tweak.

Add Functionality To MS Paint
If your version of Paint is wimpy then check this out.

Rename Outlook Express
Just for giggles. That's a good reason, isn't it?

Take Control Of Scan Disk
Yes, you can control what Scandisk does.

Get The SendTo Power Toy To Actually Work In Win9x And Win2K
This is one of the most useful power tweaks around. This really does improve your efficiency while working in Win9x or Win2K.

Go To Windows Update Anonymously
If you'd rather not register with Microsoft in order to use the Update site read this.

Change Your Registered User Information
If you sell or purchase a computer with Win98 on it you can change the Registered user info to reflect the new legal owner.

Add the "Open With..." Option to the Right Click Context Menu
This is a minor tweak for Power Users, but it's the little things that really help your productivity.

Live Scrolling In Word97
Overcome the astoundingly annoying trait Word97 has of jumping around when you scroll your documents.

Control Panel On Your Start Menu
This should be a standard feature of every Windows OS. No problem, you can make it happen.

Easter Eggs!
There are fun little surprises inside almost all major programs, if you know where to look.

Outlook Express 5.0 Tweaks
A couple of pure fun little tweaks for OE5 users.

Add Another HTML Editor To The EDIT Button On The IE5 Toolbar
If you use multiple HTML editors this is just what you need.

Force Windows Explorer to Refresh Correctly
It's a minor annoyance, but here's the solution in case you need it.

Restore The OEM Animated Logo In Internet Explorer
If you have a branded version of IEx and you don't like the logo they've added this shows you how to change it back to standard.

Replace Scrolling Menu For Multiple Columns For Start Menu
If you like the old Win95 way that the Start menu showed multiple columns here's how you can do that in Win98.

Remove "Find" From The Start Menu
If you never use the Find shortcut on the Start menu here's how to eliminate it.

Tweak Your IE5 Search Engine
Change the default search engine your browser uses.

An astoundingly HUGE Collection of Office Tips
Just about every tip, tweak and secret hidden feature there ever was for Microsoft Office.

Tweak Your Memory Usage For Better Performance
Windows 98 users should see a real improvement in memory access speed with this tweak.

Easier And Faster Word Searches
You can improve the search feature in Microsoft Word.

Make DLLs Display Their Icons in Windows Explorer
A simple tweak to change the default icon for some DLLs in Windows Explorer.

Themes In Windows 2000? Believe It. And more ...
Microsoft threw in a few Win9x goodies when they shipped Win2K and didn't tell you about them.

Add "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" To The Right-Click Context Menu in Win2K
If "Copy" and "Move" see regular duty on your Win2K installation, this one's for you.

RegClean 4.1-a and Netscape Navigator Can Live Together
Can't we all just get along?! Well, Navigator and Microsoft RegClean can.

Create a Win98 Emergency Recovery Disk in Win2K or DOS
So, you didn't make an Emergency Boot Disk when you installed Windows 98? Oh, you're so naughty.

Save Desktop Icon Placement
Preserve your desktop icon placement and restore it easily if it gets jumbled, e.g. by running in safe mode or using a lower screen resolution.

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