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What Is Your Computer's Name?
Would you like to quickly and easily find out the name of your computer on your network? Just download this file, unzip it to a temporary directory and click it. This dandy little script will tell you your computer's name and the user's domain. Works in either Win9x or Win2k.

Test Your E-mail Defenses Against Viruses
Unless you've been in a coma for the last year you've heard all about the rash of viruses spread by e-mail. These viruses are actually simple scripts, or programs that can cause terrible damage. If you're smart you've probably taken steps to help protect your computer from these scourges. If you haven't yet installed some form of protection, we urge you to avail yourself of the free and effective utilities available to you. You can find a comprehensive listing of the very best of these programs right here at PC911's own Security page.

Once you have your defenses up, wouldn't it be nice to know for certain that your protection is working? One way to do this would be to simply e-mail a test virus to yourself as an attachment. To do so, download this zip file and unzip it to a temporary directory and make note of its location. Launch your e-mail client and send yourself an e-mail, but before you send it off click the paper clip icon and attach the TestVirus.vbs file. Wait a few minutes and you should receive your own e-mail. Try to open the attachment. If your defenses are working you should get a warning.

This script is safe to use in either Win9x or Win2K.

Win95 Users Can Back Up And Restore Their Registry With Win98 Ease
As mentioned in the very first page of this section of PC911, and as dictated by prudence, you should always back up your Registry before you make any changes. One of the advantages of Windows 98 over Windows 95 is the ease with which you can back up and then restore your Registry. Well, there's no reason why you Windows 95 users can't have that same functionality. For more complete information on how to use this package, read this article carefully, however it is provided with a simple ReadMe file which should get you started. Please read it and follow the instructions. Once you've read the material download this zip file, unzip it and get busy.

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