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Shortcut Builder
If you are like most folks, you probably lack a wee bit of organizational foresight when it comes to your computer. Welcome to the club. No problem unless you need to find something, right? So what if, for some reason you wanted to access all BMP files on your hard drive all of a sudden? You can't do that very easily, can you? You could launch a search for all files with a BMP extension, but what if you wanted have access to these files regularly? Would it help to have one central location for shortcuts to all files of a given type on your hard drive? Say, in your My Documents folder perhaps?

Shortcut Builder is a little script that allows you to create shortcuts to any file type in one location, regardless of where the source files are located on your hard drive's partition. With it, you can create a folder with shortcuts to all DOC files, and another for XLS files, and yet another for all ICO files. You can have as many as you like. It's easy to use too. Just download Shortcut Builder to a temporary directory and unzip it. Double click the script and follow the prompts.

Removable Media Shortcuts
If you've been burning CDs or ZIP disks that have complex directory structures and many files listen up, this is just what you need. Removable Media Shortcuts will allow you to create a catalog of shortcuts to all the files on all your removable media and have the information at your fingertips with a single mouse click. This is what to do:

  • Create a new folder wherever you like and call it CD Contents.
  • Place CD Contents on your taskbar as a toolbar as follows:
    • Right click a blank spot on your taskbar and choose Toolbar and then New toolbar....
    • Browse to your new CD Contents folder, highlight it and click OK.
  • Once this is set up you can change the settings for your new toolbar as desired. Now you're ready to run the script that will set up those shortcuts.
  • Download Removable Media Shortcuts and unzip it to a temporary directory.
  • When you run the script it will ask for the removable drive name, where to plant the directory structure (use your new CD Contents folder), for a name for the CD, and then it does the rest.
  • By sliding the divider over next to the title of your new toolbar, you will have a nice, neat little popup menu. Once you've finished, it will show the contents of all your CDs. Just insert the appropriate CD or ZIP and click the shortcut to the file.
  • Enjoy!

Enumerate Folder Contents From The Right-Click Context Menu
This is a handy little script that adds a new command to the right-click context menu which allows you to see the number and type of files in a folder at a glance. Just download Enumerate Folder Contents to a permanent directory, unzip it and read the ReadMe file enclosed. A very cool script.


Print Out A Listing Of Directories And Files Within
Well folks, we have a cool new script from Script Maestro Extraordinaire and PC911 Team Member, Steve Yandl. Not only will it print out the directory tree of your choice, you can also print file extensions and file attributes for all files in the entire tree. Give it a minute or two for those mammoth directory trees. Download Directory Printer and, as usual ... enjoy!

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