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Internet Explorer Text Archiver

Created by Steve Yandl 6/23/2001

NOTE: Version 2.0 through Version 4.0 may be installed without having to first uninstall previous version. Previous instances of the Archive IE Text Selections folder will be left on the system and must be deleted manually if the user wants them gone.

What this script does

IE Text Archiver enables you to highlight text on a web page viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or higher and save the highlighted text with a simple right-click to a text file in a specified folder on your local hard drive.

It saves you the steps of having to manually copy the text, open a text editor, paste the selection, find a place to store it, then save it, and combines them into a single right-click.


Internet Explorer version 5 or later is required to run the actual script. If the Windows Scripting Host has been disabled or is not installed, the install and uninstall scripts will not run.


Download Internet Explorer Text Archiver: - 7 KB

After unzipping into a folder, verify that it contains the following files:

  • ArchiveSelTxtA.htm -- the file containing the basic script
  • ArchiveSelTxtB.htm -- enhanced version of the script
  • Install_TextArchiver.vbs -- the installation script
  • Uninstall_TextArchiver.vbs -- the uninstall script

To install IE Text Archiver, double-click the installation script file. ArchiveSelTxt.htm will be copied to the Windows\Web folder along with the uninstall script. Changes to the registry will be written to set up the context menu item, and an item will be added to the Add / Remove Programs applet of the Control Panel (for uninstallation) called ArchiveSelTxt_IE_Context_Menu.

How To Use This Script

While browsing with Internet Explorer, select any text that you would like to archive for future reference by highlighting it with your mouse. Once the text has been selected, right-click the page and choose Archive Selected Text from the context menu. The script will look for a folder on your Windows drive (typically C:\) called Archive IE Text Selections. If such a folder isn't found, it will be created automatically. Within this folder, a new text file will be created with a name consisting of the date and time and the extension txt. For ease of sorting, the name's format is yy-mm-dd-hhmm-ss (year, month, day, hour, minute, second).

NOTE: Version 2 allows you to choose a location other that the root of the Windows folder to place Archive IE Text Selections when you run the installation script.

NOTE: Version 3 allows you to set up the archive capture sequence so that you are given a confirmation dialog box after capturing the text. The dialog gives you the option to cancel or to choose one of three file names for the archived text file.

The text file will contain the date and time when the text was captured, the title of the web page followed by the URL of the web document the text is from, followed by the actual captured text. Each capture results in a new text document. A log file will be created in the archive folder and will be appended with each text selection capture.

NOTE: Version 4 adds the option to make a text entry for a custom file name when you archive the text selection. Reported bugs where illegal characters in file names caused errors have been fixed.


To uninstall the script, simply go to Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs, select ArchiveSelTXT_IE_Context_Menu, and remove the script.

Bugs And Suggestions

Any bugs you found in the script or suggestions you have for its improvement should be reported via e-mail to the author, Steve Yandl.


This script is freeware and can be freely distributed. Distribution of this script for money is not permitted.

Copyright 2001 Steve Yandl

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